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What are the enamel and the enamel cast iron cookware

Enamel cast iron dutch oven

Enamel products are becoming more and more popular. Enamel cast iron dutch oven, enamel steaming ovens, enamel kettles, etc. Today, we will talk about what this enamel is about, why people like it so much. Why is enamel popular in Europe.

1. What is enamel

 How is enamel made

Many people don't understand enamel. In fact, enamel consists of two parts, ① metal materials used for enamel, ② enamel. Enamel metal materials generally include low-carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Porcelain glaze is composed of 3 parts, ore raw materials, auxiliary materials, and pigment raw materials. The production process of enamel: the blanks that have been coated with enamel glaze are fired in a box furnace, a turntable furnace or a tunnel furnace. Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co., Ltd is the leading enameled cast iron cookware manufacturer and we know enamel very well, the borosilicate base glaze containing adhesive, firing temperature is controlled at 770~790℃, in order to form an iron oxide layer on the surface of the cast iron body, which is conducive to the good adhesion of the porcelain layer and the cast iron body, so it must be used Oxidizing atmosphere.

That means, the main function of the enamel coating is to ensure that the metal material is not oxidized and corroded.

Enamel cast iron casserole

  • What are the enamel products?

After talking about enamel for so long, what are the enamel products?

There are Steam oven, Enamel tableware, Enamel kitchenware, and Enamel bathroom.

So we’ll focus on talking about the enamel kitchenware, cookware.

Enamel kitchen utensils also have the same characteristics of fast heating, high temperature resistance and slow heat dissipation, just like the enamel steamer. It is particularly good in stewing and boiling. The slow heat dissipation can concentrate the heat in the dutch oven, which can make large pieces of meat fully cooked in a short time and lock the meat's deliciousness. At the same time, it is easy to clean and will not leave oil stains. The enamel cast iron casserole pot dutch oven cookware can be used on all stovetop which include the induction.

Enamel cast iron cookware

And below are the advantage of the enamel cast iron cookware:

1. The enamel coating surface can effectively prevent oxidation and rust on the metal surface, and better protect the metal.

2. The structure is stable, the chemical properties are closer to glass, and it is not suitable for corrosion or decomposition into other substances.

3. It is easy to clean, the enamel surface is smooth, and it is not easy to leave stains, oil stains, etc. It is very good to clean the cookware with a light wipe.

4. Antibacterial, the enamel surface is smooth and non-porous, bacteria are difficult to adhere to, and it is even more difficult to multiplying.

5. High temperature resistance (high temperature 260℃), fast heat transfer, uniform heating, slow heat dissipation, and good heat preservation ability. This is why it is used for soup pots and steaming ovens.

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