10'' Round Skillet In Enamelled Cast Iron

1.Porcelain enameled interior is perfect for cooking: surfaces do not impact flavors or absorb odors.
2.Wide cast iron handles provide a comfortable and secure grip.
3.Cast Iron construction provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution.
4.Strong, durable finish in rich colors complements any kitchen décor. Perfect for cooking, serving and entertaining.
5.Convenient maintenance and easy cleanup.

Product Details

Product Parameter

Model Weight(kg) Dimeter(cm) Product Size(cm)
FR26C 2.4 26 45*30*5.5

Product Dimension

Fry Pan FR26C

Range Of Application

Fry Pan FR26C

Note: Cast iron cookware can be used on almost all kind of stoves but is not suitable for microwave ovens.

Colors Can Be Customized

Fry Pan FR26C