Enameled 2 in 1 cast iron dutch oven with griddle lid

1. 2 in 1 dutch oven, the casserole and lid can be used separately. The griddle lid can be used for frying and backing all kinds of food.
2. This dutch oven can meet your different needs.
3. Cast from molten iron for incredible strength and even heat distribution.
4. Suitable for all hob types including induction and solid fuel and oven safe to 260C.

Product Details

Product Parameter

Model Structure Weight(kg) Capacity
Dimeter(cm) Product Size(cm)
CRG26A Cap 2.7 N/A 26 30.5*26.5*4
CRG26A Body 3.9 3.5/3.8 26 30.5*26.5*13.5

Product Dimension


7-Layer Composition


Range Of Application


Note: Cast iron cookware can be used on almost all kind of stoves but is not suitable for microwave ovens.

Colors Can Be Customized