3 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

1. No need to season this large Dutch Oven, which features a gorgeous, high-quality enamel. Grill, sear and fry your favorite dishes at the highest of temperatures and know that this pot can handle anything you cook in it.
2. Don’t be scared of the spikes on the lid! These bumps act as self-basting skewers that trap and release all the mouth-watering flavor your food releases. Keep your meats juicy and flavorful and your vegetables seasoned to perfection with a pot that does the hard work for you.
3. Nothing’s cheaply made here. Both the interior cream enamel and the exterior red enamel are chip-resistant and boast an easy-grip, cast iron, oven-safe knob, so you can cook confidently knowing that your Dutch Oven will thrive even after years of use.

Product Details

Product Parameter

Model Weight(kg) Capacity(L/QT) Dimeter(cm) Product Size(cm)
CR20B 3.8 2.7/2.9 20 28*21*11.5

Product Dimension

round casserole CR20B

7-Layer Composition

round casserole 7-Layer Composition

Range Of Application

round casserole Applications

Note: Cast iron cookware can be used on almost all kind of stoves but is not suitable for microwave ovens.

Colors Can Be Customized

round casserole Colors